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Bible colleges are a great option for students who want a faith-based education. This could mean education in preparation for a ministry career, like becoming a pastor or a pastoral counselor, or it can simply mean earning a more general degree (like English or music) in a religious environment. Either way, if you’re considering bible… Read the full article →

Youth ministry can be fun…or it can be frustrating. No matter how you feel about youth ministry, it’s nice to know that a supportive network is available via blogs, education, tools and volunteers. The following top 50 blogs by youth ministers includes all that help and more…as ministers-in-training or youth workers who have been in… Read the full article →

If you want to study The Bible, you can do it the hard way with concordances, a few Bibles and reference books. Or, you can use one of the twenty search engines listed below. These search engines range from simple searches to portals that contain commentary and reference materials to entire directories that can take… Read the full article →

If you think of Christian history professors, you may think to look in divinity schools. But, not all professors work within Christian colleges. Some of the most influential history of religion professors may be digging in the sand in a Mediterranean desert or he or she may be hired by a Christian college, but have… Read the full article →

Top 50 Christian Video Sites

October 28, 2010

As with any other study, the Internet is home to Christian videos that can inform, educate and expand your knowledge about Christianity, Bible studies and the Christian way of life. The following top 50 Christian video sites include portals that contain videos, video sites that contain a wide variety of video options, sermons and Bible… Read the full article →

The Bible is an interesting book, filled with stories about God’s dealings with man. The Bible offers interesting information and religious truth for Bible scholars and non-scholars alike. Understanding the Bible takes years of study, something that is not surprising, considering the many complexities of the Bible, from its historical record, to its parables, to… Read the full article →

Many devout Christians worry about the influence of media on one’s spirit. This is especially true of social media sites. When visiting places like MySpace and YouTube, it is possible to inadvertently see anything. After all, people can post whatever they want, with very little oversight. With this concern for the type of media that… Read the full article →